If you are a private individual…
then you need to know the waste is a value! Don’t throw it away!
Or if you throw it away, put it in the appropriate collection container!

If you are a collector or dealer…
then you already know the waste is a value!
Contact us and you can be sure of the plastic waste we have purchased is recovered!

Our company removes waste from the customer’s site with the involvement of subcontractors. Primarily pre-treated (baled, sorted) plastic waste is accepted, but it is also possible to receive the waste in bulk form *.

Types of waste we are looking for:

Polyethylene (PE):

  • film
  • melt
  • plate/sheet
  • other injection molded plastic waste and additives
  • intermediate product

Polypropylene (PP):

  • film
  • melt
  • fabric
  • grind
  • technological scrap
  • intermediate product

* Our waste management permits can be found under the INFORMATION menu item.