Hulladék mennyiségének szignifikáns csökkentése válogatási és mosási technológia innovatív fejlesztése révén

A projekt során a ReMat Zrt. termelési technológiájának innovatív fejlesztése történik meg, amelynek eredményeként jelentősen csökken a termelés során kibocsátott hulladék mennyisége, mivel hasznosításra kerülnek a termelés során keletkező melléktermékek és hulladékok ezáltal hatékonyabbá válik a hulladékok kezelése és feldolgozása.

A projekt teljes költsége: 809 724 440 Ft
Elnyert támogatás: 404 766 041 Ft
A megvalósítás időszaka: 2014. augusztus 1. – 2015. október 30.

Significantly reduced production of waste by innovation regarding sorting and washing technology

ReMat Inc. was estabilished on the industrial Area of TVK in 1995 to collect and to sale the different type of recycled materials. It has begun its activity on the field of recycling of these waste materials in 1997, which has become its main profile. According to the company's new strategic goals it became the biggest waste material processing company in Hungary between 2002 and 2010. Currently its processing capacity is almost 15.000 tons a year, which makes it one of the the most significant processor plants.
In the project the processing technology will be developed in an innovative way, which results the reduction of the quantity of waste materials arose during the production, since the spin off and waste materials of the production process will be recycled hereby the waste handling and processing become more efficient in accordance with the essential objective of the call for proposals.

The evolved result of the project: an innovative plastic-packaging-waste processing technology, through the significant reduction of environmental pollution.
The aim of the innovation regarding the washing technology in the plastic processing system is to make the technological waste (arose during the washing so called drift-material) ready for further processing, therefore the result is the recycling of the technological waste, which earlier had to be burned.
The amount of drift-material is about 30 tons in a month and has a high level of contamination, which do not permit of its economical processing in traditional systems. The mixture of the contamination is very alternate and the different materials have very similar physical and chemical properties. These indicate the need of the innovating of a special technology which as an elemental part of the current technology provides a solution for the separation. By the technology the yearly 360 tons of the waste will result 300 tons of polyethylene grind that can be recycled and used for production of first class quality regranulate.

The result regarding the sorting technology is the increase of the sorting capacity besides the decrease of the quantity of the selection waste. This means after the project implementation an extra 3750 tons per year in the amount of the plastic waste procession. This besides the waste reduction because of the lowering of the production waste also results the significant reduction of the environmental pollution.

Innovative technology which totally realize the upper aims cannot be found neither Hungary and according to our knowledge nor in Europe. Accordingly the technology to be going to invented in the project has a major novelty content and by means of its realization the environmental pollution will be significantly lower.
The sale’s prospect is given, the demand is ensured. The target markets of the sale are henceforward primarily the EU member states mainly Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Italy.

After the project realization the higher production capacities will generate a need to expand the human resource capacity too. 15 new employees will be employed, regarding the selection of the workforce high attention will be paid to the equal opportunity of the cross-cutting issues. 8 of the new employees will be women, 3 of the new employees will be romany, and one of them will be reduced capabilities. In order to achieve the upper objectives the following project activates will be carried out:

  • Experimental development
  • Investment
  • Project management
  • Publicity
The total budget of the project: 809.724.440 HUF
The required amount of subsidy: 404.766.041 HUF

The technology will be evolved by the project will provide a solution for recycling in its material which is correspond to the waste hierarchy laid down in 4th article of the European Union’s waste management policy. Therefore the application also correspond to the European Union 2020 strategy aiming the reduction of the emitting of greenhouse gases and energy efficiency and also correspond to the 2011-2020 National environmental technology innovation strategy, which emphases the invention of environmental friendly (material and energy saving) technologies which provide prevention, handling and reduction of the pollution regarding the specified areas. When all comes to all, it has to be emphasized, that as a result of the project the waste reduction appears not only as a production waste reduction but also since the input of the production is also a waste material therefore its processing also reduce the amount of waste. Hereby the level of environmental pollution will be significantly lowered – nearly 4.000.000 kg a year – by the results of the project.

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